Useful Tools

Useful realtor tools

In today’s world, there are many ways to ensure that we have everything we need with us whether we are going to a boardroom meeting, meeting with a client, etc.

There are many applications one can download not your smart device that along with cloud storage ensures you always have access to documents, files, pictures, etc.

Some Useful on the go tools

#1 SugarSync

s1 - Useful Tools
SugarSync is one of those applications every realtor should have.  You can sync all your folders to your cloud in a simple point and click.  It even syncs the folder structure to your cloud.

As long as you have access to your cloud it will keep the synced folders up to date in real time whenever you make changes to them.You can now go to a meeting or see a client with all your photos, listings, client files etc. right there on your smartphone.

#2 Streetsine

s2 - Useful Tools
A realtors one-stop information application about all the latest real estate available in Singapore.  The listings include valuations, mortgages, property prices in the general area and has all sorts of valuable information about the properties location.

#3 Evernote

s3 - Useful Tools
A multiplatform application that allows you to collect, collate and keep your information, ideas, notes on hand at all times.

Add links to notes, tables, attachments, checklists and it even recognizes and sorts handwritten notes.  The hand OCR software can search both images and text one may have jotted down.For always on the go access to these resources, this application is like having a second brain.