2 Stunning buildings designed by a true visionary the late Zaha Hadid

A tribute to a true architect pioneer, Zaha Hadid

Zaha Hadid passed away in 2016 at the age of sixty-six.  She was a true visionary and transformed the world of architecture using state of the art designs and materials.

Her buildings gave new and unique perspective and shape to the cities in which her masterpieces stand.Her many successes were awarded the highest honors from academic, civil and educational institutes around the world. Singapore gave tribute to Zaha Hadid where the Zaha Hadid exhibition launched in Singapore in late 2017.  A showcase of her works will be displayed at the ArtScience Museum.

2 Stunning Singapore buildings designed by

D’Leedon Singapore
Her very first project in Singapore was a residential condominium one.  Located in Farrer road the project located over eight hectares of land consisted of seven 36-storey towers and 12 semi-detached villas.

The tapered towers taper inwards as they get towards the ground in order to create access features and private gardens.

Rock, Forest, meadows, foothills, water and pockets of greenery with pedestrian walkways integrated flawlessly into the landscape making communal areas seem like a person is no longer in the city.

There are many recreational facilities offered for the residents of these towers and villa’s to enjoy.

The project ran from 2007 to 2014, there were 1715 separate units built with 340 unique apartment layouts.

One North Master Plan
This is a futuristic project built for the digital media industries, Infocomm and Singapore’s biomedical.

Set between the Singapore science park and the National University of Singapore this colony type project.The project has already spanned two decades and set to be completed in 2021 as the brainchild of Zaha Hadid’s.  The urban architecture of natural landscape formations creates its own skyline as it takes shape.  This will be the first time Singapore applies the concept of an artificial landscape taking up an entire urban quarter.

Buildings are 5000000 square meters and will have an estimated population of 136 000.

Aha Hadid was not only an architect but a designer and artist which came through in her various architectural masterpieces and unique designs such as the Nassim Villas.

The exhibition in Singapore “Zaha Hadid, Une Architecture” transports visitors to the show through three different levels of Zaha Hadid’s designs.

It showcases her works and designs from all around the globe taking through her many design phases assigned to the projects she worked on through the years.

info3 - 2 Stunning buildings designed by a true visionary the late Zaha Hadid
Image source: cargocollective.com