Top HR functions that are trending in Singapore for 2018

The importance of HR in a corporation

With the world changing as fast as it and more cultures starting to collide the role of HR in a company has never been more important.

Ensuring the rights and needs of both the corporation and employee are met HR walks the fine line between them.
For any information on Singapore Human resources, a person can contact the Singapore Human Resources Institute or SHRI.

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Top HR functions trending in Singapore for 2018

Retaining the talent pool
With Singapore’s ever-improving labor market as the economy increases the local talent pool decreases.  This makes retaining a company’s talent imperative, especially for those top performing employees.The role of HR becomes more important as they work to maintain them and support these employees ensuring they stay with the company.

Measuring Employee performance
As various global compliances start to hit global companies situated in Singapore they have to start to ensure employees work performance measures up to their requirements within their job function and specification.  To do this it is HR’s job to find innovative ways in which to measure performance.

Developing Local talent for the various positions
As Singapore has clamped down on immigration it has moved towards companies implementing training programs to ensure that positions are first allotted to Singapore Citizens.

HR will play a vital role in ensuring employee development and career roadmaps. These must clearly outline an employee potential and expected career path within the company.

More internal recruiters
As HR functions grow they become less inclined to be able to handle the recruiting process.  It will then be within the firms own interests to hire employment agencies. They can assist in shortlisting the various candidates screening them with the initial interviews to deliver the top candidates to the company.

Developing plans for mature workers
As life expectancy increases employees are working later in life.  With result companies are starting to realize the value of employing and keeping aged workers.

Their experience is a valuable company commodity as is what they have to offer their young co-workers in terms of training.

HR will play a vital role in ensuring the correct procedures and policies are in place to accommodate these workers.

Understanding the importance of the different generations working under the same roof

Gen Y and Gen X workers have different needs, aspirations and requirements.

These are complex dynamics that HR will have to work through and come to appreciate.

It is necessary to retain a balance between them in order for the company to perform at their optimum.