Top-ranked primary schools in Singapore

Compulsory Primary school education in Singapore

The primary school education in Singapore has been ruled by the Ministry of Education to be compulsory.  This is a foundation for students to learn English, mathematics and their own home language.

In Singapore primary school is a four-year foundation phase which starts at Primary 1 and goes to Primary 4.  After Primary four there is a two-year orientation stage from Primary 5 to Primary 6.

From primary 4 the top 1% from the previous year are selected for the Gifted Education Programor GEP.

There two sets of tests run before starting Primary four to get the top 10% and top 1% as the top 1% from this group will then go on to the Gifted Students Program from Primary 4 to Primary 6.

The GEP is not compulsory and parents may opt out of it should they not wish their children to be part of the GEP.

Top-ranked primary schools in Singapore

Henry Park Primary School
There school motto “Every child matters and every child can succeed,” says it all about how this school values each and every student.

They strive to nurture each and every child acknowledging that they are different with different strengths and characters.

Their teaching programs
include that of the Learning for life (LLP), service learning development, Applied Learning Program (ALP) and the in-house Talent Development program.

The school has been in operation since 1977 and has been the recipient of the Ministry of Educations School Distinction Award, Sustained Achievement in Sports, Aesthetics and Physical fitness awards.

This is a co-ed school and one of the most popular in Singapore.

Nan Hua Primary School
This school has a rich history in Singapore having been started in 1917 as part of the Nan Hwa Girls School.  The school was started by Chinese businessmen and run by Mr Xion Shangfu who was a teacher.

The school was forced to close down in 124 due to a lack of funding but was reopened in 1928.

The school was an all-girls school until 1964 when it was renamed Nan Hwa Primary School and started taking in both boys and girls.

Today the school is very popular and has undergone many academic reforms and transformations.

It offers the GEP a long with many of the popular school learning programs such as the LLP, ALP, etc.They are a school that places a high value on family along with eight other values that are strongly advocated by the school.  These values include loyalty, Filial Piety, Humanity, Love, Courtesy, Righteousness, Integrity and a sense of shame in wrongdoings.

Their philosophy is to have a school “of engaged learners who lead with character and serve with heart”!
They strive to “nurture gracious citizens that are rooted in values and their Chinese Culture”!

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