The rules for renting a Housing and Development apartment in Singapore

The Housing and Development Board

Singapore caters for its Singapore Citizens who do not have many if any housing options.  They have flats/apartments they offer them under the Public Rental Scheme.
A person has to fulfil certain criteria in order to qualify for these heavily subsidized flats/apartments, especially as the numbers of properties under this scheme are limited.
The HDP (Housing & Development Board) is where a Singapore Citizen would apply by means of an application form after which they will go through stringent screening tests.

Rules for renting and HDP apartment

#1 Eligibility
Must be a Singapore Citizen (SC)

There must be at least one other SC Citizen living in your household.  This may be children, fiancé’ or fiancée
A spouse

Your parent or parents if you are single

You and your siblings should you be orphaned

If in a joint singlescheme, you and your listed occupier must both be SCs, single and at least thirty-five (35) years old.  Single means any of the following scenarios: unmarried, divorced, legally separated, widowed or orphaned (you must have a least one parent living with you and an SC)

#2 Age
The age requirement is that you be at least twenty-one (21) to apply

#3 Income
The total gross income of your household cannot exceed $1500 a month

#4 Existing Housing & Development Tenants or essential occupiers
You or any of you listed occupiers cannot be current essential occupiers or tenants of HDB flats

#5 Owing a Property
Neither yourself or listed occupiers may not own property of any sort when applying for an occupation of and HDP flat.  This includes inherited property, holiday homes, local or overseas properties.

#6 Debarment
The department takes into account any former property that is or may have been owned by the applicant(s).  They will take into account the proceeds that may have been made from the sale of the property in question.  Should the department ascertain you can afford to house you could be barred from and not be eligible to apply for HDP housing assistance.

#7 Family support
Should it be found that any of the applicants have children that could afford to financially help with other accommodation or be able to house the applicants with them!  The applicants will be deemed as not eligible for HDB housing.