7 Quick steps to finding a job in Singapore as an Expat

Working in Singapore

Since its independence in 1963, this tiny island republic just of the southern tip of Malaysia is now one the richest nations in the world.

Despite its authoritarian government, this little island is a big draw for expats looking to move to its thriving economy and favorable taxation system to work.

Singapore has been cited as “a model of civic governance”, with its renowned clean streets and disciplinarian policing system.

7 Quick steps to finding a job in Singapore as an Expat

#1 Check your eligibility
As with the rest of the world Singapore has, various visa and work permit criteria, rules and requirements a foreigner has to meet.

There are several differentworks passes a person could qualify for there is a test that a person can take to check your eligibility status.  But this test is not one hundred percent accurate and it is always best to check with a visa expert.  The self-assessment tool can be found on the Singapore Governments Ministry of Manpower Website.

#2 To find a job
Assess whether or not your career is one that is needed in Singapore.  There are a lot of fast growing sectors in Singapore that are need of people.

Sectors such as Computer Science, the tourist industry is booming in Singapore at the moment, etc.

#3 Assessment of eligibility to work in Singapore
To find out what jobs are in demand you can analyze the Strategic and Skills-in-Demand List.  This list is also part of the Ministry of Manpower website.  It lists jobs that are in demand and those that will be in the near future.  It details the occupations and skill set levels they require this is the list to base your job applications on.

#4 Go online to one of the employment websites
There are a lot of different job sites online that list all the available jobs currently being advertised by various employers.

#5 Your CV is everything
Ensure your CV/Portfolio is up to date and always read the websites for information on how various employers or employment agencies prefer it to be formatted.

#6 Apply for the job
Once you have your CV updated, in the correct format and have all your qualifications and references ready send it off.

There are a lot of websites dedicated to creating the perfect CV and cover letter for various jobs.  These sites are well worth a read before sending off your job application.

#7 Apply for your work visa
Once you have a job offer in writing and you have accepted it, it is time to embark on a whole new adventure.  You have to now get a work permit.  The best way to do this and to ensure you are doing it correctly is to approach a company that specialized in getting visas.  They will make sure you have filled in your application correctly and that all your paperwork is in order.

info1 - 7 Quick steps to finding a job in Singapore as an Expat
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